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Padron Design Studio is a Houston-based creative agency specializing in non-profits and small businesses.


I started this business after almost a decade of freelance and in-house experience as a graphic designer.  It was my hope that I could help smaller clients with all the various skills I’d gained working with larger for-profit and non-profit clients, not just graphic design. I wanted to start a company that helped companies with heart communicate with their audiences in beautiful, new ways.

In our three years in business, our clients have seen my family through a wedding, the purchase of our first home, our honeymoon, the death of various beloved family members, and now the birth of our first child. 

Likewise, we’ve seen our clients through countless floods, Hurricane Harvey, and their own personal milestones and tragedies. In many ways, our clients are an extension of our family. And we will continue to care for them as such. 

We are all currently experiencing the effects of social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 virus, the worst disaster to our economy and health in recent memory. We know we’ll get through this together, even if we never get back to who we were.

Houstonians always rise, better than ever.


Gracie Padron Steimle, Founder

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