Opera in the Heights – Season 2017-18 Brochure

opera in the heights brochure graphic design layout gracie padron design studio

Opera in the Heights is considerably more localized than Houston Grand Opera. This is actually a blessing in disguise for graphic designers. Refinery Brands asked me to help design the layout of the brochure, not just the original artwork inside. First, we tried to infuse as much of the heart of the Heights neighborhood as possible. Paige Myrick, has just become the managing director of the company and was looking for a “bold change” in the company’s history.

Highlighting what defines Opera in the Heights

Being a smaller company, Oh! is able to treat itself less formally. It can use illustrations over production photos to differentiate itself from Houston Grand Opera just a few minutes away. Most of their audiences were avid opera lovers who went to both companies for the stories they loved so it was important to focus on the closeness they get to budding talent. We featured a colorful collage on the cover with large typography. The “Emerge and Discover” tagline was selected by the team as the new direction of the company meant to entice new audiences as well as old.

The internal spreads were written by Raquel Meyer of Refinery Brands. The hierarchy of the headings and the minimalist ways of integrating social media were also her brainchild. I simply helped format it accordingly for print. The artwork, however, was entirely my doing with the help of the Oh! team.

The art of the season brochure

The brochure was divided into new sections in order to highlight the bilingual holiday opera titledĀ Lucinda y las flores de la nochebuena, and the new Children’s Series. Though most other theater district programs feature some sort of holiday programming, Oh! was the only company to do a bilingual program to reach the local Hispanic population. It deserved some minor tweaks to the layout to make it stand out.

Though Oh! prefers to take subscriptions online, the brochure walked them through the process in simpler fashion than ever. It also re-emphasized the actors featured on the cover in the benefits section.