EAC Consulting Employee Intranet

eac consulting intranet web design gracie padron design studio

Creating a go-to employee information portal that is easily updated

EAC Consulting had an outdated intranet desperately in need of a redesign. It served as an internal go-to for forms, team photos, and project news. As an engineering firm, they wanted to be able to share project wins with across 6 departments and 3 offices with ease. I came up with a scrolling wall of wins, a place to show the latest monthly newsletter with enlargeable photos, and easy forms for requesting promotional items. It also connected to the IT department’s existing ticket system for reporting problems with a simple link. There was no need to embed it onto the site.

The intranet was coded in WordPress for easy management. Multiple departments are actively updating it. The code was also fully responsive and accessible on the engineers’ phones while on site.┬áThe colors and fonts revolved around the newly established brand guidelines and featured icons that mirrored those used in the new brochures.